We have taken the first steps to build the tools for developers

Based on the IHAN Blueprint and the European Committee for Standardization CEN standardisation work Sitra invests in building a European scale testbed that can be used to test the data sharing nexus capabilities in practice.

As we are building and experimenting with the future capabilities, things may gloriously blow up in our faces or prove still too rough to use, and a lack of guides may not keep the most impatient entertained.

Built together with the leading companies in the field, the testbed is now in its first incarnation. This means that all the basic components are in place, but they are not yet fully integrated. Although based on production-ready technologies and services, the testbed itself currently offers a demo grade developer environment.

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What can I do with it now?

Connect any API online to your own data sharing ecosystem

You can already give the new data product concepts a whirl and turn any existing data source API into a standardised data source. Most probably, you need to build your own Productizer and manually create your first standard data products. However, this already proves how easy it is to enable access to any data online and how the existing APIs and data behind them can be used in the open data economy without huge integration costs. Data highway is being built as a part of the IHAN testbed nexus for those who are not that keen to build the Productizers by themselves but rather want the IHAN testbed team to help out.

Build interoperable applications with harmonised data

You can connect your mobile application, website or any other system with the Product Gateway and discover and query the data products from the IHAN testbed nexus. This allows you to realise your ideas as new concepts that proves how the data can be used to create new business and services in real life. The IHAN community can offer support on how to conceptualise and design your service if you think you need help with it.

Take the first steps in productising data

Test productising data from your existing API to be used in applications. It requires relying on our draft data product standards or developing new ones with the IHAN community’s support. The data product standards are implemented using the Open API specification. For defining the real world context for the data we have been experimenting with JSON-LD but based on the experiences from the first pilots we are still looking into and experimenting with alternatives. If you are interested in contributing and experimenting the standards with us you can always drop us an email at ihan@sitra.fi!

Use digital identities and authenticate users with a phone number or passport

A secure and user-controlled digital identity is the basis of the fair and transparent data economy. The OpenID Connect-based enrolment and authentication APIs (application programming interfaces) allow you to enrol new end users onto the testbed and authenticate them in your applications and data sources. The IHAN testbed supports a decentralised and secured data exchange between any registered third party in the nexus based on standardised tokens.

Utilise digital rights

The consent is an integral part of the IHAN Blueprint and the IHAN testbed implementation architecture. We are currently investigating and developing the best alternatives to serve as a base for future open standards for consenting data. The IHAN testbed roadmap includes the capability to test out cloud wallets for storing consent from authenticated users and validating their existence from the data sources. In the first stage the IHAN testbed offers only rough capabilities to test out the consent for those use cases that require it. If you are willing to contribute to the consent development please contact ihan@sitra.fi.

How to get started as a developer

The testbed is made for developers to build innovative new applications to be part of services fulfilling fair and trusted use of productised data. The testbed is currently in the closed alpha stage and now open for new pilots to apply. If you have a business case in mind where you would like to test out the capabilities on the IHAN testbed, have a look at the instructions how to apply as a pilot.

Behind the curtains we are working on the IHAN testbed developer portal and will be releasing the developer tools later. In the meantime you can familiarise yourself with the current implementation architecture as well as open examples in the GitHub.

With any questions you might have you are always welcome to contact us at ihan@sitra.fi.