Choosing the technologies to be used for implementing the testbed nexus

The concept and standards behind the testbed and the data economy are technology agnostic and can be implemented using any suitable technologies and software fit for purpose. Sitra has selected the following parties and technologies to provide the current capabilities behind the testbed.

Data sharing nexus infrastructure and the semantic standards

How to get started as a developer

The testbed is made for developers to build innovative new applications to be part of services fulfilling fair and trusted use of productised data. The testbed is currently in the closed alpha stage and now open for new pilots to apply. If you have a business case in mind where you would like to test out the capabilities on the IHAN testbed, have a look at the instructions how to apply as a pilot.

Behind the curtains we are working on the IHAN testbed developer portal and will be releasing the developer tools later. In the meantime you can familiarise yourself with the current implementation architecture as well as open examples in the GitHub.

With any questions you might have you are always welcome to contact us at